Hyperroll – D

Specially designed for Pre Heating Zone
Colour identification on thicker end Green
AI2O3 (%) * Hob Certec protected
Water absorption (%) 0
Density (g/cm3) 2.6
Modulus of elasticity (GPa) 120
Thermal expansion (10 -6/O C) 6.2
Thermal shock resistance *
Chemical resistance *****
Max. appliance Temperature (degree C)1100

* All Data are given to the best of our knowledge and do not constitute a guarantee or obligation. The stated material property values have been measured on sample bodies and are thus indicative values. Subject to technical change.

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Hyperroll-D (Dense Nano) is the only ceramic roller in the market with Zero prorosity and with the highest Modulus Of Elasticity (MOE). This means that the roller bends less than any other ceramic roller improving the tiles transport and final file quality.

The Zero prorosity also offers a much higher resistance against chemical attack.

Hyperroll-D brings the best results when installing it from the entrance of the Kiln up to the first module where chemical and physical pollution is greatest and always below 650 degree C.

  • Zero Prorosity means Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Highest Module Of Elasticity (MOE) means higher Output & better Quality Tiles
  • For Better Kiln Efficiency
  • For Bigger Kiln Output
  • For Lower Gas & Electricity Consumption per 1 Sqm of Tiles
  • For better Planarity of large Tiles/slabs
  • For straighter & safer Tile transport
  • For reduction of Arc-like effect
  • For Lower risk of Tiles / Slabs deformations
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